Best Red Wine For Cooking Steak

Adding red wines to cooking creates a great richness and depth of flavor, especially with recipes that call for meats. Many red wines can be used in the kitchen, but choosing the best red wine for cooking can be a mind-boggling experience. What is the best red wine for cooking steak? Furthermore, what are the different types of red wine, and how do you use it?

These questions are typical, and fortunately, some answers can help you cook the perfect steak with red wine in no time. There are tons of tips that can help you feel more at ease cooking with wine. These tips and tricks can be used in various recipes so you can prepare any dish you can think of.

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Quick Tips for Cooking with Red Wine– best red wine for cooking steak

Best Red Wine For Cooking Steak

When selecting a red wine, it is best to avoid cooking wine since this is usually a blend of poor-quality ingredients and may even have salt content.

If a recipe needs dry red wine, use a Cabernet, Pinot Noir, or Merlot. These wines are good selections and are easy to find.

Use Marsala and Madeira as well as other fortified wines if the recipe calls for it. These types of wines have a distinct flavor and should not be substituted for something else.

However, when in doubt, use a red wine that can be a perfect match for the finished meal.

Don’t pay a premium price for wine for cooking. Choose something on the medium price range that you think works best, and you will have a good outcome.

How to Choose a Dry Red Wine for Cooking– best red wine for cooking steak

Best Red Wine For Cooking Steak

With these tips, you can effortlessly start cooking with red wine. However, as with all things, wine related there are tons of ways to make your experience even more fun and enjoyable and classy.

When cooked, a lot of wines will become more concentrated in flavor and lose their subtleties.

There is a tendency that the acidity and fruitiness will become more intense. The individual tasting notes will be cooked out and become less obvious, which is why cooking with premium-priced wines is a waste.

Although many red wines will work with most dishes, there are a few tips to make it more effortless to find a suitable red wine for cooking.

These are the best red wines for meats such as lamb, beef roast, and any other red meat:

Zinfandel or Shiraz

These are bold wines and will hold up well with these hearty dishes.

The following are the best dry red wines for cooking beef stew or wine-based sauces:

Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet

It should be noted that flavored fruit wines will tend to become fruitier as they are reduced in cooking. In making sauces that would need a little sweetness like something that includes mushrooms, these wines are excellent choices. However, if you prefer to avoid fruity flavors choose wine like Cabernet.

What about fortified wines? — best red wine for cooking steak

Best Red Wine For Cooking Steak

Wines that are fortified are some of the most well-known wines to cook with. These wines have longer shelf lives and have an intense flavor. The following are some different types of fortified wines and the best way to use them:


This fortified wine hails from Sicily and is used in wine-based sauces and sweets. The dry variety is more flexible and can be used with several types of meat and mushroom dishes. Sweet variety types can also be utilized for main dishes but are mostly used in desserts. Madeira wine is another fortified wine with similar flavors.


This type of wine is fortified. Port wine can be used in richer desserts and sauces or in full-flavored main dishes like meat-based stews. 


This wine has a nutty flavor and can be used to improve soup stews or sautéed dishes. Amontillado and Oloroso are typical varieties that are high-quality. Dry variations of sherry are also becoming well-known for drinking and have their wine pairing match such as candies.

What is it? — best red wine for cooking steak

Dry red wines are delicious for drinking with food. Dry red wines mean they have reduced sugar and are also useful in cooking. Similar to white wines, the acidity levels in red wines will improve other flavors in the dish as long as there is not too much tannin. Tannins are the bitter flavor that makes your mouth tingle. There should also be less oak or a toasty vanilla flavor from the aging in oak barrels. These two might overpower the food. Red wine is delectable when used as a liquid for braising or stewing. It is also amazing for deglazing the pan to make a pan sauce for fried lamb, duck, pork, or beef. You can even utilize red wine for dessert flavors.

Don’t have it?

Ports can be utilized as a replacement for red wine in pan sauces, but it usually comes at a higher price point. 

Using the best red wine for cooking steak

How to choose

It should be noted that you should steer clear from cooking wines at the grocery. Instead, choose something that you can also drink, such as a wine you’d pair with food. The top-notch red wines for cooking have moderate tannins such as Merlots, Pinot noir, and Sangiovese. You can also opt for lighter Cabernets. The heat will enhance the undesirable properties of bad wine, and it will only make them prominent.

On the other hand, heat can kill the subtle nuances in a complex wine. Thus, save the really good wine for drinking. Overall, go for younger wines with lively fruit notes for the best outcomes in your cooking.

How to prep

Since wine has alcohol content, you usually pour it at the start of cooking, so the alcohol has a chance to evaporate. Pouring wine into a dish by the end of the cooking will usually result in an undesirable raw wine taste. 

How to store

Unopened bottles should be stored in a dark, cool place. Once you have opened a bottle, the wine will begin to oxidize, which can affect its flavor. It is crucial to recork opened bottles and put them in the refrigerator to slow down oxidation. It is crucial to finish off an open bottle after a few days of opening.

Wine with steak is a great way to improve the flavors of both your drink and your dish.

A good wine can provide an acidic flavor and a delightful sweetness that can be perfectly paired with the salty, fatty, and umami, buttery taste of meats. Take a large big swig and enjoy the flavorful sensation of pairing wine with a premium steak.

Regardless if you’re celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary or want to have something special on ordinary days by cooking yourself a ribeye steak, it is better to know that you’ve got a perfect wine to pair with your meal.

If you are not an experienced wine enthusiast and don’t know how to identify the different types of wine and make perfect pairings, don’t worry. Pairing food and wines aren’t just the realm of snobby artisans and wine experts. If you know a bit of basic know-how and knowledge about steak and wine, you can start creating a truly unforgettable flavorful meal. You can achieve this right in the comfort of your home kitchen.

A Note on Steaks– best red wine for cooking steak

It is important to take note of two factors which, for most, helps determine which steak should be paired with which wine:


Best Red Wine For Cooking Steak

If a steak is fatty, it should be paired with a less robust wine. If the wine has too much richness, it can overpower your sense of taste. High levels of acidity are also nice with a fattier steak since it helps balance the umami flavors.


Steaks that only have salt and pepper flavorings can be accompanied by almost any kind of wine as long as it has a versatile flavor. However, steaks that have sweeter flavorings should not be accompanied by a sweet wine. You should balance, and too much sweetness can be overpowering. On the other hand, spiced meats that are heavily seasoned should not be accompanied by a robust and spicy wine. Instead, pair them with a lighter, sweeter, and fruitier wine.

It is your personal choice which style and cut of steak to order in restaurants or to cook in your home kitchen. However, it is crucial to keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have an easier time creating your pairing and enjoy well-balanced flavors.

Top 3 best red wine for cooking steak



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Runners Up


Best Red Wine For Cooking Steak

Zinfandel’s best red wine for cooking steak is a premium choice if you are inclined towards sweeter wine flavors rather than those that are acidic and dry. The last two are heavier in tannins and other flavor compounds. Zinfandel’s best red wine for cooking steak has a higher sugar content, so it can be made into wine with 15% or higher alcohol amounts so the sugar can be preserved, resulting in a sweeter wine.

Suppose you choose Zinfandel’s best red wine for cooking steak, steer clear from steaks that have sweet seasonings such as brown sugar glazes. Pair your steak with spicy flavors. The sweetness will help offset the spice and clear your mouth with each bite. A majority of Zinfandels are manufactured in California. Thus, it is recommended to buy Zinfandel’s best red wine for cooking steak in this region.

The sweet plums within the Zinfandel will play with your mouth, giving you a refreshing feeling. This medium-bodied best red wine for cooking steak has a touch of sweetness and a crisp, flavorful finish. This unique California treat is a pleasure to the senses and should be served fully chilled.

This Zinfandel wine making kit makes 6 gallons of finished wine. It comes with a flavoring pack, and all you need to do is remove some of the wine before adding it. Save this portion and add it back to the mix to make a full 6 gallons.

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Malbec Fontana Wine Making Kit Premium 23 Liters


Malbec’s best red wine for cooking steak is a bolder red wine with a dark and deep color and a rich flavor feature. It is full of tannins. However, despite this, Malbec will not have a woody or oaky aroma but instead has a fruity feature with juicy notes of citrus and other fruits. Typical colors of this best red wine for cooking steak is an inky red that is almost violet.

The fruity flavor and bold scent of this best red wine for cooking steak are a great and companion meant to leaner cuts of meat such as top sirloin or flank steak. Although you can eat Malbec with a fattier cut like filet mignon, the richness may overpower the meat’s flavors.

The art of winemaking has never been so easy with this Malbec winemaking kits. Making wine is not only fun, effortless, and cost-effective, but it gives you the versatility to personalize your wine with the aid of our educated retailers to match your unique taste needs. You can utilize different yeast oaks to customize any of the wines to match your taste preferences. This winemaking kit comes complete with instructions on how to make your wine. Create your favorite customized Malbec wine and share it with all your friends and family.

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Final Thoughts

A premium piece of steak is a true luxury that you should have now and then. Level up the meat’s taste by infusing it with the best red wine for cooking steak. Ensure that your choice of wine is suited to the flavorings and spices you will add to your steak. Get tips and tricks on how to cook with red wine and amaze your friends and family. There is nothing like a good steak with red wine on weekends and special occasions. Take a bite of these pleasurable flavors and enjoy a good experience.

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