High Top Table with Wine Rack: Top 5 Creative Sets to Buy

Having a high top table with wine rack can make your relaxing times better than before. This is because you would have access to your favorite drink in a snap and continue enjoying yourself. Most of such table sets would have enough storage space even for food trays and more supplies. Instead of rushing to the kitchen each time, you should have all that you need available in the storage space.

You always have to be careful about which table set that you choose. As much as you want it to have a wine rack, you still want it to remain functional. We will look at the various models in this guide so that you can make an informed decision.

Below is a quick summary of the table sets in a table to help you understand the various models.

TableBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
O&K Furniture 4-Piece Counter Height Dining Room Table Set Check Price
Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Round Table and Chair Set Check Price
Giantex 3-Piece Dinning Set Check Price
Signature Design by Ashley Caitbrook Counter Height Table and Bar Stools Set Check Price
Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Counter Height Dining Table Set Check Price

How to Choose the Best High Top Table with Wine Rack

The Design

Anyone who is looking to add some piece of furniture in the home will always consider the design. Is it something that will affect the existing décor? That is one of the questions you would ask yourself when getting the best high top table with wine rack.

To pick the best model, take the time to check out the various designs. Some will have their storage space on the sides while others underneath the table. Once you have gone through the various designs, you would know which one stands out better for you.

Build Quality

The build quality is also an important factor to consider. Most of these sets will have table tops made of engineered wood and an iron frame. These two are known to handle different conditions better and can remain durable for years.

Also, look at its water resistance. This is because the set is likely to be set up in the kitchen where it might get exposed to water a lot.

Consider the load bearing capacity of the chairs too. This is to ensure that you get the best set that can handle the weights of the potential users easily.

Storage Space Available

Since you are getting a high top table with wine rack, you still have to consider the storage space it offers. This will determine the different things you can store in the table other than wine bottles.

Depending on the space available, there are some that allow for storing of food trays, utensils, cookbooks, and so much more. The aim is to ensure that you get enough space depending on your needs.

There are some models that have adjustable shelves. Such makes them even better when it comes to making the storage space versatile.

Space Required

One thing you should always consider is the amount of space the table set will take in a room or where you get to set it up. Luckily, majority of these sets will have space-saving designs. This is where you can easily set up the furniture in a small space and it will work perfectly.

The chairs are also designed to easily fit under the table top so that the whole set does not use a lot of space when it is not in use.

The Comfort

You always have to look at the comfort of the chairs. Depending on the model, some will come with padded seats and ergonomic backrests. The aim is to keep you comfortable for a long time depending on how often you use the seats.

Top 5 High Top Tables with Wine Rack

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: O&K Furniture 4-Piece Counter Height Dining Room Table Set

Product Name: O&K Furniture 4-Piece Counter Height Dining Room Table Set

Product Description: If you are in the market for a wonderful table set, then this is it. The manufacturer made it to be a high top table with two stools and one bench. It all depends on the application. Some can use it as a bar table or a kitchen table. Because of its size, we find it being ideal for anyone to bring along friends to hang out. Some could stand around it while others sit to enjoy a meal or wine. The creative design cannot be dismissed when checking out this table set. This is because it comes with a wine rack, glass holders, and more space to store other things underneath the counter. There is no doubt you would have all the supplies that you need right in front of you. Many will also find it having a sturdy construction. The manufacturer uses high quality MDF board and iron frame to ensure that the whole table and stools remain stable and better to use. The table load capacity is 220 lbs., which is quite impressive for its size and height.

Availability: InStock

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Quality
  • Assembly
  • Sturdiness
  • Versatility


Since the table set stands out for its sturdiness, it is so easy to find a place to use it. Some will use it at home, restaurant, pub, bar, bistro, and more. So, you simply have to find a place that works great for you.

Also, the whole package is easy to assemble. The manufacturer sends you clearly labeled parts and easy to follow instructions. You should be able to have the table and other accessories set up within a short time.


✔️It comes with a sturdy construction

✔️The package is easy to assemble

✔️It has a creative design


❌A few complaints about the package missing some installation hardware

Runner’s Up

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Round Table and Chair Set

You do not always have to spend so much if you are going to get the best high top table with wine rack. A good example is this model which comes with a table and two chairs for a fraction of the price you get with other sets.

You will like it for having the space-saving design. Do not get it wrong, this set is still functional only that it is designed to fit in your kitchen or dining without taking up too much space. This should make it a versatile set to put it up anywhere.

Having the built-in storage makes it a multipurpose furniture set to own right now. The storage space can be used to hold wine bottles, food trays, and much more directly under the table. It should then stand out as convenient for most people.

There is also the ergonomic backrest. This is because the chairs are designed to have a curved backrest which promotes a healthy and comfortable posture. You can be using it for hours without necessarily hurting your back.

The sturdy construction cannot go unmentioned. This is because the manufacturer uses durable engineered wood combined with solid iron frames. It is then going to be a reliable set for years down the line.

  • It has a space-saving design
  • The chairs have ergonomic backrests
  • The set has a sturdy construction
  • It could use more storage space

Giantex 3-Piece Dinning Set

This bistro high top table with wine rack comes with two chairs to make it a perfect set for enjoying wine or food when relaxing. The best part about this table is that it is compact and does not take up too much space. So, finding a place to set it up should not be an issue.

You will also like it for having a durable metal frame and wood table top. The manufacturer understands that the table set might be used for years. It is why then it would be great if it came with the right durability. Both the chairs and table have an impressive load-bearing capacity to make them even better.

Another thing you will enjoy about this set should be the storage space that can help you store wine, food trays, and so much more. Each time you want to open another wine bottle, then you simply get it under the table and continue enjoying it.

You will also like it for being easy to assemble. You do not need to get a professional to help with the assembly. This is because it comes with a manual containing clear instructions on how to set up the wine rack with ease.

  • It is easy to assemble
  • The model is durable
  • It comes with a storage space under the table
  • The overall design is dull

Signature Design by Ashley Caitbrook Counter Height Table and Bar Stools Set

To make it the best high top table with wine rack, the manufacturer made the table to have the best storage space you will ever need. This storage space can be used as a wine rack, storing food, snacks, and much more. The best part is that the shelves are adjustable. So, depending on what you want to store, you can always adjust them to suit your needs.

The set is designed for a casual lifestyle. This is where you can easily set up dinner for two or enjoy it as a workspace. The uses of such a set are limited to your imagination. Even if they are only two stools, you can always find a way of using them creatively.

The stools are padded and upholstered. The aim is to provide you with the best comfort when you are going to use this type of set for a long time. There is no doubt you would always want the best comfort when having long dinners.

Looking at the assembly process, we find it being the easiest to achieve. You can simply follow the instructions and before you know it, the set is ready for you. The manufacturer sends you the hardware and tools needed to handle the installation part.

  • It comes from a trusted brand
  • It does not take up much space
  • The set is easy to assemble
  • Not many colors available to choose from

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Wooden Counter Height Dining Table Set

This table stands out for being quite impressive with its storage space. This is what makes it the best high top table with wine rack. There are three deep multipurpose shelves on the side of the table for storing anything that can fit. It is why you would find most people using the space as a wine rack, storing dinnerware, and more.

Another thing that will appeal to many users should be the space saving design. Even if it is the counter-height table, you will find that it remains functional and unobtrusive. The chairs can easily fit under the table giving you enough space still in the kitchen.

The durable construction makes it even better. You will find that the set is water resistant when it comes to its table top and set of shelves. Even if you have it set up in the kitchen where it might get exposed to water more often, you should still find it being durable. The weight capacity for each chair is 285 lbs., making it a strong set to own.

The comfortable chairs also make it a desirable set to own. You will find that the chairs are padded for comfort and the curved backrests provide the best support for your back.

  • It offers an optimal table storage
  • It has a space saving design
  • The chairs are comfortable
  • Putting it together might take some time


What are the common styles of high top tables with wine racks?

In most cases, these tables would have basic designs such as rectangular or square shapes. However, there are times the manufacturers can get creative. Some of the styles you can get include rustic, country, modern, and traditional. So, you get to pick what you like.

What else can you store in a high top table with wine rack?

It will all depend on the space available. If the space is large, then you can store even food trays, plates, and much more. Some even use the space to store their cookbooks for ease of access later.

Are high top tables with wine racks expensive?

The cost largely varies from one model to another. So, it is best to check out what each model offers for the price. No one wants to pay too much for a set when you can get another one at an affordable price.


If you were in the market for a high top table with wine rack, then now you know what to choose. From the various models reviewed above, it is easy to see which ones would be ideal for you. Depending on your needs, you can always go for a model with more table space, storage space, and seats. With a bit of patience and research, it is often easy to get what you want.

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